A Pre-Surgery (or any other transition) Mikveh

Mikveh is a ritual bath, this version can be used for pre-surgery ritual for trans people or other transition-related milestone.

Ritual immersion in a mikveh – a gathering of living water (mayyim hayyim) – marks a change in status. The mikveh pool recalls the watery state that each of us knew before we were born; the ritual of entering and leaving mayyim hayyim, living waters, creates the time and space to acknowledge and embrace a new stage of life. Every religious tradition uses water to denote change and transformation.

Mikveh is the Jewish ritual that symbolically enacts this kind of profound change. Any flowing body of water can serve as a mikveh so long as there is an entrance and exit point for the water, the water touches the air and it is deep enough to fully immerse. Ideally the one immersing is totally naked. There is probably a local mikveh near you, either in a building or in nature.

Trans Torah

This Mikveh ritual was created by Max K. Strassfeld and Andrew Ramer and is published on Trans Torah –  Trans Torah offers a wide collection trans and genderqueer Jewish resources including rituals, sermons and essays.

Download the full ritual here:  http://www.transtorah.org/PDFs/Mikveh_Ritual.pdf