Transgender Rite of Passage

This transgender Rite of Passage ritual by Del Mulhern acknowledges hate crimes against trans people and the dangers of ‘tolerance’, asking instead for people to go further.  

This is why we are here today; we are here today in demonstration of our commitment to you. We are here with a promise to educate ourselves about your struggles, to ask the questions we need to ask to better understand and open our minds. We are dedicated to being better allies in our communities, both personally and politically. But most importantly, we are here as your family. We promise to love you and act as part of your support system. We promise to never claim to know what it is like to go through your personal struggles but will always be ready with a hug and a listening ear.

The ritual includes gifting a ‘sacred bundle’.

Published by the Unitarian Universalist Association web site. See full ceremony: